Eyedrum Periodically is staffed by writers and maintains the goal of publishing an online quarterly and printing an annual. Editorship of individual issues is a revolving position, mirroring Eyedrum’s governance, and reflects the immediate interests and artistic concerns of that editor.  It is s/he who suggests and defines the theme for the upcoming issue, gathers consensus and talents of supporting editors, and is ultimately responsible for seeing through publication to its end.

Issue 17, January 2018: The Art Issue (Miriam C. Jacobs)

  • Reading period October 5 – Jan 5, 2018

Issue 16, October 2017: Inside (Bill Taft & Miriam C. Jacobs)

Dual issue, print and online
Reading period May 5 – September 15

Inside (online) open to all submissions

Issue 16 (print Special Edition) open only to persons who are currently incarcerated; please send to:
Eyedrum Periodically

ATTN Miriam C. Jacobs
88 Forsyth Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Issue 15,  July 2017: True Facts (Miriam C. Jacobs)

  • Reading period May 5 – July 5

Issue 14,  April 2017: Marginal Creatures (Hester L. Furey)

  • Reading period Jan 16 – Apr 5

Issue 13,  January 2017: Drunken (Richard Gess)

Issue 12, October 2016: Fusion (Ian Campbell)

Issue 11,  July 2016: Broken (Miriam C. Jacobs)

Issue 10,  May 2016: Lyric (Miriam C. Jacobs & Priscilla G. Smith)

Issue 9,  January 2016:  Alchemy (Hester L. Furey)

Issue 8,  August 2015: Grub (Edward Austin Hall)

Issue 7,  May 2015: The Long Now (Miriam C. Jacobs)

Issue 6, October 2014: Backwards (Richard Gess)

Issue 5,  July 2014: Crimes (Ian Campbell)

Issue 4,  May 2014: Drones (Bill Taft)

Issue 3,  February 2014: In the Streets (Hester L. Furey)

Issue 2,  October 2013: Monsters (Miriam C. Jacobs)

Issue 1,  July 2013: Im/Permanence (Miriam C. Jacobs)

Writers and artists who are interested in showing their work through Eyedrum Periodically are encouraged to review current and upcoming issues and themes.  Please contact the editor for information at [email protected], or send a submission to [email protected]


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